Important Belleza Press Release

Whomever did this should be ashamed of themselves.

Important Belleza Press Release.


Contemplating on Chilly Evenings

As I sit here contemplating my shopping plans for the weekend I was struck by the thought of the events we all flock to waving our lindens around like maniacs. Spamming out tp button begging to get in.

Why do we do it?


cc* gossip chair_001 copy

Then it struck me.. The dichotomy of what we can find at such events. Take for example these two scrumptious outfits from the Fantasy Room,

Outfit one is a skirt and top by creative studios for the Fantasy room, Elegant and subtle. yet still sexy in it’s serene presentation.

cc* gossip chair_002

The second outfit a fiery, feisty, fierce female warrior look. Also ate the Fantasy Room . This is offered from Luas. this look embraces the wonton wild spirit inside every woman wrecking havoc to be freed.

cc* gossip chair_003

Chair is by Mistique- Gossip Chair for the Fantasy Room

* frog not included

A Night in Lonesome October

I am so so so so sorry my darlings. I am late posting this for the new round of the Fantasy room and I have been very lacked with my posts.. I truly am sort I had some ReaLife happen. So with out further ado.

Sweet lies 1

broom bike

A lovely night for a Broom Stick Ride

Sweet lies urt

My Pumpkin Army Rise!

arrow jewelry

A fine hat to keep the autumn sun at ba


Outfit 1

Dress: Sarad by Sweet Lies @ Fantasy room

Mantle: Sarad by Sweet Lies @ Fantasy room

Hair Wreath: Autumn Wreath (gold) By Persefona @ Fantasy room

Axe: Libra axe ( part of outfit ) by Torvis @ Fantasy room

Pose: Forest stump by Rack poses @ Fantasy room

Hair: Vixen by Truth @ Uber


Outfit 2

Dress:Little She-urt by Mistique @ Fantasy room

Hat: Sarad by Sweet Lies @ Fantasy room

Props: Autumn Ladder and Mr pumpkins ( gacha) by Serenity Style @ Fantasy room

Broom: Broom Bike by Alegria @ Fantasy room

Jewelry: Beast Warrior Arrow Jewelry by Alegria @ Fantasy room

Collar: Chandra by Aisling @ mainstore

I See Fire


The fantasy room opens again soon. I love this event because its inexpensive, features a wide range of designers and creations and helps new designers begin their journey. Here I’m featuring  along time favourite of mine Axix; whose offering up the Where you come from Mask featured here in Ashe. And a new designer Storybook (I love the name and expect big things from her!) I’m wearing her chains in Sloth for slink medium feet


Axix fantasy rom close up

Axix’s Where you come from Mask in Ashe










Story book wrath

Storybook’s Tartarus Chains in Sloth












The Look

Hair: F6 by Liquence

Outfit: Master’s old Sweater by Soedara

Footwear: Tartarus Chains (Sloth) by Storybook @Fantasy Room

Mask: Whereyoucoomefrom ( in Ashe) by Axix @Fantasy Room

Other Accessories: Boadicea Cuffs by The Forge

Collar: Chandra by Aisling

After the Fall

I’m drawn to you
I’m caught in you
I am the fly who dreams of the spider
The path to the web becomes deeper and wider
I dream of the silk that is tangled inside you
And know that I want to be somewhere beside you

Fall into you

Whatever you fear, whatever you hide, whatever you carry deep inside There’s something more than this Whatever you love, whatever you give, whatever you think you need to Live

As the world fall down

The sky has fallen Now the earth is dry and torn I know your’re tired From the violence of the storm

The Look

Hair: Forgotten by Spellbound
Corset: Rosmarie’s Boudoir {Floral} *rare* by Junbug @ TSA
Knickers: Rosemarie’s Boudoir {Blush} by Junbug @ TSA
Wrists, Choker, Eyepatch: Dreams by Alchemy @TSA
Arms: Tallulah by Aisling @TSA



A story of Fearnot

All these wondrous creations form the Era of Vikings event have been so inspiring I couldn’t resist creating my own epic tale using them! Featuring Kei-Spot, Moon_Sha, *Independent Objects*, and For F’s Sake.

All trolls have special names, they earn them in battles fought, heroic deeds for their kind. And some are earned through cunning deception. An honorable pastime for some trolls. This is the story of Fearnot, the little half troll. Who some say didn’t fit in in either world, for Fearnot was too small to be a brave battle troll. Nor could she steer the great long boats or lift one of their might ores, Poor little Fearnot would surely never be a Troll shield maiden. And the Vikings.. well her bramble horns made of sturdy oak kept them from bedding her, so the wife of a proud Jarl was not in her destiny… Fearnot stumbled the line between both worlds. One day little Fearnot was so hungry. She hadn’t had a good meal in a very long time. She walked through the village clutching her poor empty belly.

Hungry half troll

And the Vikings.. well her bramble horns made of sturdy oak kept them from bedding her, so the wife of a proud Jarl was not in her destiny…


She thought and thought and thought. What ever would she do for food. The vikings hunted or raised livestock, grew vegetables. Maybe she would see if they would… Oh no poor little Fearnot thought to herself, they wouldn’t share with her because she was half troll. And her fathers side.. the trolls were off raiding. And would not be back for many months. And they had forgotten about poor Fearnot.  Once when she was very young Fearnot and met a giantess who ate men after boiling them in oil. So as Fearnot stumbled through the village she spied a brave, handsome Viking bathing in a metal tub heated by burning coals. Fearnot thought to herself. What shall I do? She saw a vegetable cart nearby and a her tummy rumble a mighty battle call to bring her to arms!. Snatching a few roots vegetables she was going to make herself a fine viking stew!

How to serve man

She hummed a happy tune, her grumbly belly and the warriors snores all seemed to keep time with her song

She added potatoes, and onions and oh her favourite turnips! She hummed a happy tune, her grumbly belly and the warriors snores all seemed to keep time with her song. As she was cutting up a carrot on bit landed on the Viking’s head. He woke up and blinked a few times and smelled a wondrous meal being prepared. Fearnot turned then and added some pepper and the Viking sneezed so loudly she fell off the little stool. The viking shouted and jumped from the tub ” What are you doing!?! ” he screamed at her. “I was so hungry and.. I didn’t know what to do .. And .. and.. Well you seemed to be half cooking yourself..” the viking sucked in an exasperated breath and grabbed his sword and was about to strike poor little Fearnot down. And Fearnot, our brave little half troll stood there, ready to enter valhalla for she had done nothing wrong but try to feed herself . The warrior stopped and for the first time looked past the bark covered horns that grew from her head, peered under the dirt that covered her face and limbs and saw Fearnot’s beauty. “Fear not, little one.. I could not strike down one odin seems to have crafted in Frejya’s image “Fearnot looked at the viking as if he had boiled his brains as well. He laughed and took her arm and pulled her to the bond maidens circle. “What do they call you?” he asked his lips inches from hers. She lifted her chin in defiance” I don’t have a name yet trolls have to earn them” The viking grinned broadly as he dragged her into his arms ” Then you shall henceforth be called Fearnot. For you Fearnot my sword, nor my temper, and I shall see you Fearnot a single thing the rest of my days” She smiled softly and just as his lips were about to claim her. Her stomach remembered its vacancy and gave another battle cry. They both looked at each other then Fearnot’s tummy “I fear nothing will stop me from eating.. not even you Jarl Viking” She bit his lip then, the viking gave a hardy guffaw and carried his new bond to the long hall to conquer first her belly then her body.


And Fearnot feared nothing anymore, not even an empty tummy

And Fearnot feared nothing anymore, not even an empty tummy




Head Branches by Moon Sha

Camisk by For F’s Sake

Viking Carts by *Independent Objects*

Hot tub by Kei-Spot